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Eros facilitates the development of relationships between companies and content creators who are passionate about their goods and services.

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Create campaigns that influencers love  

Generate campaigns for goods and services which influencers really appreciate and are likely to continue advocating for.

Easily track engagement and campaign budgets

Examining dynamic campaign dashboards allows marketers to gain an insightful glimpse into the current and past performance of their campaigns.

Fully managed campaigns and dynamic influencer engagement

Through the utilization of Eros' revolutionary algorithm, businesses can create promotional campaigns that are dispersed among influencers who have a genuine enthusiasm for their brand. Not only will the company love the content that is generated, but the influencers behind it will as well.

A powerful tool for every brand & business.



Influencers across all of Canada amongst all Demographics and Target Markets.

No Contract

Month to Month

No contract, no long term commitment. Generate campaigns that correspond to the exact time frame you require.

Fully Managed

Account Brand Manager

Fully managed. Rather than having to devote a considerable amount of energy and resources to overseeing the management of your business, an Account Manager can be enlisted to adeptly handle the day-to-day tasks associated with your organization.


Target Interests and Markets

Develop marketing strategies and collaborate with influencers in an expansive variety of interests, ranging from 25 distinct topics. Food, Lifestyle, Fitness, etc.

Become an Influencer on the fastest growing Influencer Marketing Platform.

No influencer or content creator, no matter the size of their reach or platform, is too insignificant to be worthy of recognition.

Select the campaigns you want and work with the brands you love!

Track all your social media statistics in one place.

Connecting your preferred social media platforms together can provide you with a comprehensive view of how your content has been received.

Link your social accounts and create content on the platform you love.

This dynamic dashboard provides comprehensive and up-to-date insights into the engagement of your various social accounts.

Find and create content for Campaigns you love!

Our platform offers a bespoke algorithmic marketplace specifically tailored to individual users. Here, you will have the opportunity to discover campaigns that are pertinent to your interests and skills while being compensated fairly for your efforts.

Take your brand to the next level!

Take your company to unprecedented heights! By providing brands and influencers with a live communication medium, they can obtain increased visibility into the intricacies of a campaign. Brands can use the platform to request influencers for specific campaigns, and influencers can detail their qualifications and objectives in order to best fit their needs.

Hey Ariana, thank you for joining our campaign! We are excited to have you on board!😍

I'm looking forward to it! I've always wanted to work with your brand, I've been using your products for years! ❤️

Let us know if you need anything! We can send you some of our newer sample releases in the coming week! 🔥

A powerful marketing tool at an affordable cost.



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Unlimited Paid Campaigns

Influencer & Campaign Management

15% Service Fee

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/ month

Everything from Basic

Unlimited Gift Campaigns

Influencer Selection/Approval

Exclusive 'All Star' Influencer Access

7% Service Fee

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Everything from Professional

Campaign priority

No Service Fee

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We've got you covered!

All the answers to your questions are here!

What makes Eros different from every other Influencer Marketing Platform?

Our platform leverages highly sophisticated algorithms to create an automated system that links campaigns and brands with influencers whose interests align with the project's objectives. We strive to ensure fair payouts and satisfaction for both parties.

What is the cost?

It is entirely possible to devise marketing campaigns reflecting any budgetary constraints; this is because there exists a suitable influencer for all brands, regardless of size. Influencers are varied and come in all shapes and sizes, with a plethora of different professional backgrounds and interests.

Who owns the content from the campaigns?

Influencers are the proprietors of all rights related to their content. Brands may request permission from individual influencers to repurpose the content for their own marketing activities. The influencer should always be credited and compensated for the use of their content.

How does the approval process of the content work?

At Eros, the management of campaigns is carried out in an organized and professional manner by our dedicated Brand Account Managers. Our Account Managers are highly experienced and knowledgeable about the industry, as well as up-to-date on the latest trends.

How does a brand measure success?

The Eros brand dashboard grants brands an in-depth insight into the metrics of their campaigns, including engagement indicators such as comments, likes, shares and clicks. This helps us to identify which campaigns are performing well and enable brands to make strategic decisions to optimize their digital channels for maximum reach and engagement.